B. Arts (formerly Brazil Dance World) is a Toronto-based not-for-profit organization that supports, connects and promotes the work of community dance artists and companies in Canada whose work reflects the Brazilian culture.

We believe artists should be spending maximal time creating to enlarge the potential of their work, and to allow them to do so, we are dedicated to serve the interests of dance artists and companies from all parts of Toronto and the GTA. B. Arts focuses on supporting: professionals and companies working with Brazilian dance styles or techniques and Brazilian-Canadians based in Canada working with diverse types of dance.


With the innovative and visionary project of spreading Brazilian culture to other cultures, B. Arts (formerly Brazil Dance World) was born in Toronto, Canada, in 2005. Until 2014, it offered Brazilian dance classes, workshops and performances all over Canada, and organized unique events such as the “Brazilian Beat: Canada Dance Congress” for three consecutive years (2011-2013). The Brazilian Beat Congress was the first non-profit event in Canada that aimed to promote Brazilian dance, and unify and showcase the work of Brazilian dance professionals from Toronto and other parts of the country.

Recently, after years of academic research in the artistic field, B. Arts’ founding owner and mastermind of “Brazilian Beat Congress”, Goreti Cardoso, started to work on amplifying the benefits the company has promoted to its community. Now B. Arts has a new mission, vision and activities to strengthen the Brazilian dance community in Toronto.



We are the heart of the Brazilian dance community; a neutral party that supports, connects and promotes the work of and serves the interests of Brazilian dance artists and companies whose work reflects the Brazilian culture in Canada.

These are our main goals:

  • To serve the needs and interests of the Brazilian dance professionals and organizations in Toronto and Canada
  • To encourage communication, creation and partnership among the Brazilian dance professionals and organizations in Toronto and between these and the broader community on a local, provincial and national level
  • To aid in communication between the Brazilian artistic community and the broader community in Toronto and the GTA
  • To promote all styles of Brazilian dance in Canada
  • To act as a bridge between Canada and Brazil, connecting dance professionals, companies and academics for exchanges, partnership development and increased knowledge


Promoting and Supporting

Social Media:
The goal of our website as well as social media accounts is to support and promote dance schools and companies in Canada, as well as their performances, classes, workshops, parties, festivals and other events.

We promote, organize, and co-produce events that will promote the work of professionals and organizations whose work reflect the Brazilian culture.

Through events, our website and social media platforms, we aim to spur partnerships by connecting dance artists and organizations between the Brazilian-Torontonian dance community and the overall community in Toronto. Also, we act as a bridge between Canada and Brazil, supporting cultural exchange, partnership development and mutual learning among dance professionals, companies and academics.